Our Mission

Vicarious PR


Vicarious PR was founded on a single premise: to provide the best public relations and marketing service in the video game industry. Pretty simple, right? We know the stigma PR professionals and marketeers has gotten over the last decade and have experienced the issues of outdated agencies firsthand. Vicarious tailors our services to your specific goals so you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need. We also use modern and innovative PR strategies for the fast-moving 21st century.


Our core tenets:
  • To provide qualitative and quantitative results. We firmly live and breathe the idea of ‘measure and improve’. That is why we go to great lengths to track the impact of our campaigns with clear data. Our clients can feel secure and informed with our reports that are backed up by data points and metrics.
  • To be transparent and have proactive communication with our clients. We do not like companies that take days to get back to us, so why would we want to be one of those?
  • To provide an experienced hands-on approach for your campaign. We don’t hire interns, there’s nothing worse than paying for experience and professionalism and ending up having Steve the 2-week intern work with you. Instead, our account managers handle your campaign personally, allowing you years of industry insight and experience at your disposal.
  • No filler killer. We hate the decades of marketeers who fill meetings with fluff that means extraordinarily little. We get straight to the point and try to offer actionable solutions to the hurdles of marketing.
  • Equal opportunities. Vicarious PR is an equal opportunity employer and has staff located around the globe from all backgrounds.
  • To give back. We love our carefully crafted campaigns, but we also love to give back whether it be providing indie developers with free resources or supporting charities like Games For Love.