Blockchain Technology Has Massive Potential In Games

If you are anything like me, you hear words like cryptocurrency and blockchain and your eyes glaze over with a technophobe’s haze that I once thought was reserved solely for my grandfather when broadband was introduced. For years I have sat and watched the growth of digital currency and how it has shaped multiple industries. We know that every so often in the games industry, some technology comes along that opens so many possibilities we all foam at the mouth like no other industry, especially hearing people speak about new tech at events. Trust me, as a former real estate professional, those events have a whole different kind of ‘excitement’. Read more

Developers are forgetting about brand building, here is why that is a huge mistake.

One of the most common questions we get asked as PR professionals is ‘when should I start a PR campaign for my game? Anyone in video game PR can likely tell you numerous stories of developers trying to do PR only weeks before they launch their game. For the experienced, these harrowing moments showcase both misinformation and a lack of an in-depth understanding of public relations and marketing. Read more