Platinum Awards
Vicarious PR Wins Platinum at the Hermes Creative Awards

Video game PR and marketing company wins four platinum awards.

Vicarious PR took home four distinct commendations from the Hermes Creative Awards. The Hermes Creative Awards recognizes outstanding work in the industry while promoting the philanthropic nature of marketing and communication professionals. The awards were for their PR and publicity campaigns, online placement, and product launch; for the Rings of Elysium game.

This adds more awards for the California based Video Game PR and marketing company. Last year, they won four awards at the prestigious PR Bulldog Awards, and their CEO won the Rising Star Award at PRNews’ PR People Awards.

Hermes Creative Awards
Platinum Hermes Creative Award Winners

The Hermes Creative Awards are administered and judged by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (www.amcpros.com). The international organization consists of several thousand marketing, communication, advertising, public relations, media production and free-lance professionals. AMCP oversees awards and recognition programs, provides judges and rewards outstanding achievement and service to the profession.

The AMCP judges are industry professionals who look for companies and individuals whose talent exceeds a high standard of excellence and whose work serves as a benchmark for the industry. Winners were selected from 200 categories grouped under advertising, publications, marketing/branding, integrated marketing, public relations/communications, electronic media and pro bono.

There are expected to be over 6,000 entries from around the world competing for a Hermes Creative Award. A list of Platinum and Gold Winners can be found on the Hermes Creative Awards website at www.hermesawards.com.

Should you be considering the Epic store for your launch? The Factors Explained.

Epic Games’ new digital distribution platform has been all the rage in the media as of late and with that, comes the good and bad in terms of both coverage and customer reaction. Valve’s Steam platform has held the monopoly on PC gaming for more than a decade. While smaller niche stores like GOG and Discord have come along and certainly found their audiences, no store has come close to rivaling Steam’s sheer power of users and products.

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A few tips to know for CES 2020

When you’re in the PR industry, trade shows and conferences become a frequent activity and you’re traveling all the time. There are a few important things to consider to prepare yourself for CES (and most other conferences). 

What is CES?
The Consumer Electronics Show is one of the largest consumer tech conferences in the world. According to their website, CES showcases more than 4,500 exhibiting companies, including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more; a conference program with more than 250 conference sessions and more than 170,000 attendees from 160 countries.

When is CES?
It’s January every year in Las Vegas. The 2020 conference will be January 7-10.

Here are some tips from the Vicarious PR team:

  • Go to the show wearing professional, but comfortable clothing. You want to be hygienic and still be able to walk around without discomfort.
  • Hotels will be insanely expensive around the area. If you don’t have a budget for a good hotel, Airbnb has plenty of affordable options.
  • Most hotels offer free shuttle services to and from the conference. Ask for a shuttle schedule from the concierge when you check-in.
    • If shuttles aren’t available, use Uber or Lyft. These two apps typically have discounted rates to and from the convention center.
  • Stay hydrated. Seriously, it’s important to have small water containers you can fill up. Las Vegas is dry and arid.
  • Familiarize yourself with the Las Vegas Convention Center map before taking meetings. Keep all meetings close to one another unless you have to go between halls. The convention center is a massive space and running around will not be fun. There’s the East, West, and South Halls.
  • Leave the SWAG behind. We get it, SWAG is cool, we love it too. But when you’re at a conference all day for work, carrying it all can be cumbersome. You’ll be fine without that “I survived CES” t-shirt.
  • Bring a portable charger. Your phone will likely run out of juice and everyone is fighting for the available power outlets.
  • Carry a small bottle of hand sanitizer. You’re going to be shaking a lot of hands and testing a lot of tech. It’s important to stay clean! This can be purchased from the 7-Eleven across the street or any nearby CVS/Walgreens.

And there you have it! Our go-to tips for surviving a trade show like CES. Don’t forget that at the end of the day, we’re all in this industry to have a good time, learn, and develop ourselves. Take it all in and see what it has to offer and don’t go too crazy.

Better Revenue Share by Epic Games and Discord

Better revenue share than Steam means more opportunities for outside collaboration.

Epic Games Store Revenue Split Graph
Revenue share for Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store has recently launched. It has launched with some amazing features aimed at developers. Its revenue share is set at a very low 12%. The most arguably popular PC game store Steam currently takes 30%. Epic Games has also committed to covering the 5% engine royalty fee if a developer uses the Unreal Engine in their game.

The Epic Games Store also promises that it will attempt to connect players directly with developers. It also wants to connect developers with content creators and influencers something Steam does not do. Overall the aim is to place more control of the game in the hands of the creators.

At the same time Discord has recently announced that their store will offer a 90/10 revenue split with developers. With over 200 million users Discord is definitely poised to poach some Steam players. Developers and publishers should be excited that their game could launch with an already established Discord community.

Discord plans to be more than just a voice chat service

The fact of the matter is that developers and publishers will now have access to more funds than before if they choose newer store options. This will make the gaming business even more attractive to potential investors. But should it really be ALL about just profits?  

Don’t neglect the basics.

We would make the argument that an extra 18% in revenue share should be used in other areas of game development that typically take a back seat. For instance, marketing and public relations are an often neglected part of the development life cycle. We seldom see them included in the studio budget. The same could also be said about game studios’ treatment of social media.

Don’t be this guy

Unfortunately some publishers and developers are of the opinion that they can save some cash and do all the marketing, PR, and social media by themselves. We think this is a foolish approach to creating and launching any video game. Creating a great game means nothing if the subsequent launch is handled poorly.

We believe that with the launch of the Epic Games Store the game development and publishing ecosystem could be improved massively. It opens up opportunities for more temporary revenue sharing and collaboration. For example signing a one or two year revenue sharing contract with an award-winning PR and marketing agency for less money upfront.