Untamed Isles

Untamed Isles

Developer & Publisher: Phat Loot Studios

Platform: Steam

Genre:  Massively Multiplayer, RPG

Launch Date: October 6, 2022

Price: TBD

Media Contact: danielle@vicariouspr.com

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Game Overview

Untamed Isles is a monster taming turn-based MMORPG. Tamers will enter the Isles which will be filled with tames roaming around. Players will be able to decide their gameplay style with an open world to explore, along with a unique weather system. Possible tame encounters are adjusted based on the weather, time of day, and season.

Unlike other monster-catching games, there are only ten different base species of tames living in the Isles at launch. Each base tame’s head, front legs, back legs, torso, and tail, may be randomly mixed to create a variety of tame combinations. There are also 15 different mood types, each with a unique effect on combat. Additionally, players can encounter extremely rare Gemborne and Alpha variations of tames.

The world of Untamed Isles is not limited to the game. The novel “Untamed Isles, The Path Awakens” by the New York Times bestselling author Aaron Hodges tells the story of the early days at the Isles and serves as a prequel to the game.


  • Tames to Encounter: At launch, there will be 1,500,000 unique tames to collect. This is a result of Untamed Isles mix and match system, generating tames based on a variety of tames body parts. Tames may also have one of 15 unique subtypes known as moods.
  • Open-world Isles: The Isles are full of rich experiences that are constantly evolving. The unique weather system means tame encounters are adjusted based on the weather system. The Isles are continuously expanding, with new islands rising from the ocean.
  • Professions: Players can grow their reputation and unlock exclusive items through professions. Fishing, fruit catching, rune charging, and bug catching are all playable professions on launch.
  • Multiplayer: The Isles are even more fun to explore with other players. Join forces with friends, complete dungeons together, and battle tames, all aided by proximity voice chat.
  • Battles: Battles are turn-based real-time encounters inspired by traditional RPGs. PvP and PvE encounters are both possible.

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