The Global Video Game Market

Newzoo has released their most recent global games market report. This report provides valuable insight into trends in the gaming industry, specifically, the way consumers think and buy as it relates to video games around the world.

However, the biggest news from the report revolves around emerging markets. Currently, China, the US, and Europe make up most of the video game markets, but other countries like India, Latin America, and South America are set to become large players in the gaming market as well, especially the mobile gaming market.

In their report, Newzoo mentions that Latin America will be the second fastest growing region in 2017. The region’s more than 200 million gamers will spend a total of $4.4 billion this year, making up 4.1% of global revenues. The Mobile Gaming market will be the largest part of this revenue and it will continue to increase through 2020 as mobile phones become easier to acquire and internet penetration increases for these countries. The top countries generating revenue are Mexico, followed by Brazil.

What’s interesting is that console games show up more prominent in this report, when compared to other reports from other marketing firms which only showed preference. This report shows total revenue generated, while other reports like the one mentioned in our previous article looked at gaming preference. Which means that even though a good portion of users prefer to use their PC for gaming than consoles, the revenue generated by the PC users is actually less than the less-preferred console users. Which goes to show us why consoles continue to be a driving force in the gaming industry despite what /r/pcmasterrace might say.