Like all past relationships, we need to realize when it’s time to move on. For the past 15 years we’ve been putting ourselves through self-torture hoping to see Half-Life 3 return one day; but it’s time to end it. With that said, the team at Vicarious PR has a few sequels to iconic games we believe have a good chance of actually happening – or so we like to think.

BioShock 4 for PC, Xbox One and PS4

The BioShock Collection that released in September 2016 proved the love for the series is still strong and 2K Games knows this. Whether it be in the sky, under water, or on the ground, we have faith this fourth mainline entry will see the light of day.

Grand Theft Auto VI for PC, Xbox One and PS4

Grand Theft Auto has always made gamers feel the best of both worlds – living like a luxury tycoon while simultaneously being able to be a street gangster that jumps 20-thousand feet from an airplane into the city. Whether GTA 6 comes out near the end of this generation or next-gen, we’re positive it’ll be just as big of a blockbuster as GTA 5.

Super Mario Sunshine 2 for Nintendo Switch

Some call it the best open world Mario game and some just say it’s the best Mario game, period. If you’re a fan of this standalone title in the Mario franchise, we believe it has the potential to be the mid-life cycle game the Nintendo Switch needs to hit G.O.A.T. status.

L.A. Noire 2 for PC, Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch

L.A. Noire was a really great title that sometimes got undeserved hate for its heavy emphasis on playing detective, but hey, what’d you expect from a noir detective game? The title was brought to the Nintendo Switch not too long ago and next year will mark nine years since the first was released. It’s been far too long.

Banjo-Kazooie 3 or Banjo-Threeie for PC and Xbox One

With Nintendo’s recent addition of Banjo-Kazooie to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, it seems the love for the bear-bird duo has everyone hyped again. Even Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai told everyone to go play Banjo & Kazooie again. Are we overthinking or are we right? We think both.