Europe will be hosting the 2019 League of Legends Championship.

The League of Legends World Championship gets underway October 2nd, 2019. The first part is a play-in stage, where 12 international teams participate for a chance to advance to the group stage. The second phase is the main event, where 16 teams will compete for all the glory. The event will culminate on October 11th, 2019, where two teams will face off in a best of five game series to win the coveted Summoner’s Cup.

LOL Championship Trophy
Summoner’s Cup

Here are five storylines to watch for during this year’s League of Legends World Championship. And considering that the LoL championship is now in its 9th season, there is plenty to look forward to.

Is this the year of the LEC?

The League of Legends European Championship (LEC) is heading full steam into the world championship. Fresh off a win at the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI), their top contender G2 Esports are seeking to claim the Summoner’s Cup. A western team has not won a World Championship for the past 9 years. Will Fnatic or another LEC team rise to the occasion and win the World Championship on home turf? Tune in to find out.

Is the LCK still an international powerhouse?

At this year’s MSI, the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK) had a poor showing. The attending teams looked slow to adapt to the meta and they didn’t venture deep into the tournament as they usually do. In general, LCK teams haven’t looked as strong as other regions like China (LPL) or Europe (LEC). However SKT1 and the LCK still have Faker, and you can be sure the un-killable demon king won’t go quietly into night.

SKT1 Faker
Faker, Faker Playmaker

Will the LCS make their region proud?

Every year there’s a League of Legends World Championship. And every year the teams from the North American League Championship Series (LCS) enter the tournament with some hype surrounding them in one way or another. This year, Team Liquid is the LCS’s great hope. They placed second at MSI, and have looked relatively solid all season long. But there’s hope surrounding Cloud9 (C9) as well. They took Team Liquid to five games at summer finals, and they reached semi-finals at last year’s World Championship.

Can the LPL be back-to-back champions?

Last year was a magical year for China’s LoL Pro League (LPL). Invictus Gaming (IG) won it all for the LPL after handily beating the LEC’s Fnatic 3-0. The previous five championship trophies had all belonged to the LCK. Will RNG finally get Uzi the championship trophy he deserves? Or will IG shake off their MSI loss to the LCS and claim the Summoner’s Cup once again?

IG from LPL
Invictus Gaming

Which play-in region will stand out this year?

Every year at play-ins, one wild-card region usually stands out above all the rest. Last year, teams from Turkey, Russia, and Hong Kong all had positive showings in the play-in stage. Sadly, only Hong Kong’s G-Rex made it to the group stage, where they promptly lost all the games they played. This year at MSI other teams from smaller regions had a positive showing. Expect some fireworks at this year’s play-in stage once again.

What are you looking forward to at this year’s League of Legends World Championship? Let us know!