World-renowned food company Ezaki Glico Co., Ltd, in partnership with acclaimed video game developer and publisher Capcom, are bringing the hit snack Pocky to esports and have requested the services of Vicarious PR! As part of the latest food group initiative, both companies have announced the Pocky K.O. challenge campaign for all gamers around the world.


A Pocky K.O. is when a player wins a Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition match while the player has a health gauge similar to a Pocky stick. Players attain the chance of a Pocky K.O. (called Pocky Chance) when the ratio of the health bar-to-damage received is visually proportionate to the chocolate-to-stick ratio of a Pocky stick.


To help promote this awesome challenge, Vicarious PR is bringing the spotlight to the main stage and knocking it out of the park, which we’ve already started rolling out! Check out some early coverage below:

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