When Digital Continue came to Vicarious PR for help revealing AND launching their new game SuperMash on the same day, we knew we had something special to work with. SuperMash is an all-new game where players mix together elements from two of six classic genres to create completely unique gaming experiences. First revealed during Nintendo’s Direct Indie World presentation. the game launched that day as an Epic Games Store PC exclusive!

As part of our PR efforts, we secured an exclusive first break with Game Informer and saw stellar trickle-down coverage. Our pitching resulted in coverage from top tier sites such as Kotaku, Polygon, VentureBeat, and much more. SuperMash was the talk of the Direct and we’re excited to help Digital Continue with this title.

Kotaku’s Gita Jackson stated, “SuperMash is a game about mashing up video game genres, and it’s coming to the Switch in May 2020. I’m psyched y’all.” We’re psyched too, Gita!

Digital Continue’s SuperMash will launch on all major consoles in 2020. It’s available now on PC.