Dominic Tarason

Account Director

Dominic Tarason has been a cook, cab driver, and a builder. His love of video games led him into a decade-long career in games journalism Including bylines at PC Gamer and PCGamesN that eventually landed him at the prestigious online outlet Rock, Paper, Shotgun.

At Vicarious PR, Dominic exclusively handles the promotion of smaller independent games and studios, but that isn’t all he does at V. Our growth into publishing indie games has Dominic sending out press releases and pitches instead of just getting them in his inbox. Using his knowledge and contacts, he reaches out to across games journalism to promote games from small up-and-coming studios directly.

Top 10 Favorite Games:
● Doom
● Undertale
● X-COM: UFO Defense
● Final Fantasy XIV
● Redlynx Trials (Series)
● Freespace 2
● Dark Souls
● Nier
● Copy Kitty
● Path of Exile