A lot of agencies claim their teams are fully integrated in the PR & marketing campaign of a client, but do they ever show the faces working on the projects? At Vicarious PR, we’re transparent about our approach from the start. We wanted to introduce our team members taking care of your game.

Michael Brown, CEO & co-founder

As the fearless leader of Vicarious PR, Michael has countless years of experience in games and tech journalism, business development, games and tech marketing, and entrepreneurship. He knows the ins and outs of gaming and is well-known throughout the industry. Some call him the Al Capone of gaming. Except you know, without the mob stuff and all.

Michael’s favorite games: Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy X, Persona 5, Tales of Vesperia

Jorge A Gaspar, CFO & co-founder

Jorge has more than nine years of experience in executive positions that include operations, data analytics, finance, quality improvement, and business intelligence. He holds an MBA from CSUSM, an MD from UABC, and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He’s also a certified Data Scientist. He harbors a quirky obsession with esports, and is passionate about big data analytics across all spectrums of the gaming industry.  

Jorge’s favorite games: The Legend of Zelda series, Final Fantasy VII and IX, League of Legends, Diablo III

Liana Murphy, Account Director

Liana is a PR superstar for the Vicarious team and has a B.A. in media advertising and communications. Her work in communications is extensive and she has led dozens of campaigns with success. She’s able to personalize PR campaigns and reach millions of gamers around the world through her slight addiction to World of Warcraft.

Liana’s favorite games: World of Warcraft, Banner Saga, Heroes of the Storm, Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning

Jolene Hitt, Social Media Specialist

Jolene’s array of impressive experience in social media and marketing helps any project achieve its goal. Jolene is the head of social media and has a deep knowledge of SEO, making her an invaluable member of the Vicarious team. She’s a veteran of the Armed Forces and her determination and motivation work hand-in-hand with her unique skill set. In another life, she writes fanfiction about the intersection of presidents and aliens.

Jolene’s favorite games: World of Warships, Star Trek Online, Warframe, World of Warcraft

Wahid Lodin, Account Director

Wahid has nearly six years of experience in gaming/technology and has helped launch roughly 100 AAA and indie titles. He’s worked with major publishers across the world and has attended nearly every relevant trade show at least four times each. When he isn’t listening to hip-hop or playing basketball, he’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt and watching videos about fast-food chains. He holds a master’s degree from Georgetown University and B.A. from Cal State Northridge.

Wahid’s favorite games: Final Fantasy VII, The Last of Us, God of War