SpecializationAside from the services above, Vicarious specializes in a few bespoke services that we have come to be very good at over recent years:

East to West Market Transitions – Are you a developer from China, South Korea, or Japan? Are you looking to launch your game in the West but unsure how to go about the wide array of differences in business and culture? No problem! We have launched many games in the West that have been successful in Asian markets.

Public Relations Training – We can provide your internal staff with a crash course in public relations helping them understand the market needs and what’s expected from company to public interactions.

Multi-region PR – Vicarious can provide PR and marketing services in multiple regions including North America, South America including Brazil, and Europe.

PR For Indies – Being indie is tough enough without worrying about PR and marketing your game on a limited budget, we can help.

Multi-platform –Whatever the platform you set to launch on, be it PC, mobile, Switch or everything in between we have it covered.

PR for Tech –  Got a innovative piece of revolutionary tech? or maybe just a kick ass gaming mouse? We have the experience to get it out into the ether.