Our Work

Vicarious PR was founded on a single premise: to provide the best public relations service in the video game industry. Pretty simple, right? Founded by former game journalists and content creators, Vicarious PR seeks to provide developers and publishers with the knowledge, skill, and experience to get their projects the attention and success they deserve.

We know the stigma PR has gotten over the last decade and have experienced the issues of outdated PR firms firsthand. Vicarious tailors our services to your specific goals so you don’t end up paying for things you don’t need. We also use modern and innovative PR strategies for the fast-moving 21st century. Finally, we work hard to drive the entire video game PR industry forward with hard work, a burning passion for gaming, and innovative thinking.


While Vicarious PR is an external agency, we have extensive experience working alongside internal teams at prominent development studios and video game publishers all over the world.  We have a complete understanding of the processes involved with IP holders, licensors, internal PR teams, and corporate communication departments and how it all relates to product launches.

We know how to partner with internal marketing and product development teams to create a strategic and successful product launch. Whether it's synergizing KPI’s, media targets, ad buys, prepping devs for media opportunities or coordinating with multiple regional agencies, we can help!

We have also worked extensively with external stakeholders on projects that require multi-level and often multi-company approval. We understand the in’s and out’s of large invested IP’s and projects and can work with all parties to create successful strategies that get signed off on.

Lastly, we know how to spearhead PR efforts for independent development studios. We can create absolutely everything for your marketing and PR. We’ll focus on making a great campaign so you can concentrate on making a great game.

Our Projects - Case Study

Take a closer look at the in-depth results we have achieved on various projects.

Our Team

Michael Brown

Co-founder & CEO

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Jorge A Gaspar

Co-Founder / CFO

Jorge has more than seven years of experience in operations, data analytics, and business intelligence. He is a journalist, reviewer,

Jolene Hitt

Social Media Specialist

Jolene’s array of experience in social media and marketing help any project achieve its goal. As an armed forces veteran,

Liana Murphy

Account Director

Liana is the go-to person for social media. She puts her degree in media advertising and communications to work in order

Dominic Tarason

Account Director

Dominic Tarason has been a cook, cab driver, and a builder. His love of video games led him into a

Lewis Burnell

Account Director

Lewis worked for the British government before finding himself moving toward his passion: Video games. He studied journalism in the

Dan Long

Business Development Manager

Dan’s 12-year career has shifted from working behind the screen to attaching a web camera to said screen and streaming

Wahid Lodin

Account Director

Wahid has four years of PR experience, specializing in consumer tech and gaming with AAA studios and indie developers. He

Mason Sales

Web Developer

Mason has a long history with coding that goes all the way back to his middle school days. His desire