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Our digital advertising specialists provide hands-on, data-driven advertising that takes your game to new heights across multiple platforms. Our advertising services are designed to go beyond the ordinary, offering a comprehensive range of strategies to maximize your game’s visibility and success.

Why Advertising Matters:

In a world where game releases are abundant, standing out is essential. Advertising plays a pivotal role in elevating your game’s presence, driving wishlists, pre-registrations, and sales, to ensure successful launches. The traffic and conversions from advertising can directly impact native store platforms and help boost in-store visibility. Advertising also amps up the discoverability of your game in a crowded market. Vicarious PR understands the nuances of advertising for games, and we’re here to navigate the complex landscape for you.


Advertising Services:

Social Media Ads:

Our paid ad campaigns are meticulously crafted to stimulate growth on store platforms. From pre-launch to post-launch, we strategically use social media ads to drive wishlist growth, heighten game awareness, and channel traffic for purchase conversions. Platforms include Reddit, YouTube, TikTok, Twitter (X), and more.

Our Marketing Specialists Can:

  • Develop Ad Strategy: Crafting a customized plan tailored to your game’s unique strengths.
  • Key Ad Messaging: Creating compelling messages that resonate with your target audience.
  • Concept and Create Ad Creatives: Designing visually stunning and impactful ad creatives.
  • Build Target Audience Profiles: Ensuring your ads reach the right audience in the USA, UK, and Canada.
  • A/B Testing and Campaign Optimization: Constantly refining strategies for maximum effectiveness.
  • Active Monitoring and Social Engagement: Keeping a close eye on social media ad comments and actively engaging with your audience.
  • Monthly Reporting: Providing transparent insights into campaign performance.
Paid Media:

Vicarious PR offers a diverse range of paid media options to complement your marketing campaign. From traditional website banner takeovers to custom-written or video content with specific media partners, we infuse creativity into every activation.

Our Paid Media Services Include:

  • Coordinate with Media Partners: Develop custom editorial content in collaboration with media partners.
  • Organize Website Ads and Banner Takeovers: Ensuring your game dominates digital real estate.
  • Deliver Custom Paid Media Packages: Offering top-tier sites for videos and written articles.
  • Advertising, Sponsorship, and Event Activations: Elevating your game’s presence at key events.
  • Creative Control Over Paid Media Content: Ensuring key messaging and unified branding.
  • Monthly Reporting: Keeping you informed about the impact of your paid media efforts.


Check out some of the indie trailers we have made for campaigns:

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