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Founded at the start of 2017 by two former games journalists and content creators, Vicarious PR has grown into the leading video game PR and marketing agency with some 30+ international awards. Going from a 2-man team to a team of 10+ PR, advertising, and Influencer specialists, Vicarious has become the forefront video game marketing agency of holistic public relations, effective digital advertising, and impactful influencer marketing.

While Vicarious PR is an external agency, we have extensive experience working alongside internal teams at prominent development studios and video game publishers all over the world. We completely understand the processes involved with IP holders, licensors, internal PR teams, and corporate communication departments and how it all relates to product launches and corporate communications campaigns.

We know how to partner with internal marketing and product development teams to create a strategic and successful product launch. Whether it is synergizing KPI’s, media targets, ad buys, influencer marketing, events, prepping devs for media opportunities, or coordinating with multiple regional agencies, we can help!

We have also worked extensively with external stakeholders on projects that require multi-level and often multi-company approval. We understand the ins and outs of large, invested IPs and projects and know how to work with all parties to create successful strategies that get signed off on.

Lastly, we know how to spearhead PR efforts for independent development studios. We can create absolutely everything for your marketing and PR. We will focus on making a great campaign so you can concentrate on making a great game.

Our Marketing Philosophy

When Vicarious was created, we saw the need for game companies to have PR and marketing strategies that are backed up by data and not just based on what has come before or wild assumptions. As former journalists and content creators, we have been on the receiving end of a lot of PR over the years. This insight allows us to know what really engages media and influencers, and we also know that robo-template send-outs, spam mails, and distribution through automated services don’t work. 

This means well-researched, informed, holistic outreach is vital to tap into the hearts and minds of media, content creators, and the players themselves. 

Everything we do is firmly rooted in three main pillars:

1. Trust – Whether for a brand or product, trust is the deciding factor in decisions from media to players. We help you build that trust in your brand.

2. Data-informed decision-making – Everything in marketing is a process, whether it’s PR outreach or TikTok ads; testing, collecting data, and then adapting strategies to what is working and what isn’t is crucial to success.

3. Human interaction – We build emotional connections with media, influencers, and directly with your player audience. How important is this? Hype is not the thing you are looking for; audience excitement and emotional attachment are. Think of your favorite games and the emotions you feel when thinking about them. It is THAT important. 

Marketing is a process. Some games skyrocket to the top quickly, and others take time to cook in the public sphere. Regardless of the marketing channels we are utilizing, be it PR, influencer outreach, or advertising. We measure all marketing activities, look to optimize and improve, and then get back out there for more. 

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