Meet The Team


Founded at the start of 2017 by two former games journalists and content creators, Vicarious PR has grown into the leading video game PR and marketing agency with some 30+ international awards. Going from a 2-man team to a team of 10+ PR, advertising, and Influencer specialists, Vicarious has become the forefront video game marketing agency of holistic public relations, effective digital advertising, and impactful influencer marketing.

Our wonderfully experienced and talented team consists of former game journalists, content creators, and marketing veterans. Passionate gamers, one and all, we have an incredible team ranging from fans of RPGs and strategy games to lovers of cozy and visual novel games. The award-winning team has led both global and regional campaigns, from small indies to high-profile AAA titles. 

Co-founder & CEO

CEO of Vicarious PR and V Publishing, Michael has years of industry experience as a journalist, reviewer, editor, and freelance writer. He has a solid business and marketing background, as well as having key insight into game development and the industry as a whole.

Co-Founder & CFO

Jorge has more than fifteen years of experience in operations, data analytics, and business intelligence. He is a journalist, reviewer, editor, and writer. He was nominated in 2018 for the Top Tech Exec Awards in San Diego. He holds an MBA from CSUSM, an MD from UABC, and is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. He’s also a certified data scientist.


After receiving her BA in Media Advertising and Communications Liana began her foray into the gaming industry as a journalist. Liana brings an eclectic mix of knowledge and passion to every project with her years of industry experience, love of gaming, and guild leading career that has spanned over a decade. When she isn’t spearheading PR campaigns, you can likely find her in Azeroth or Sanctuary and always with a cup of coffee within reach.

Project Manager

Nathan likes to keep the team running smoothly. Simple as that. Nathan has experience from several places including the retail, medical, and video game industries and he uses that knowledge to make sure the job gets done.

VP of Business Development

Communication and relationships have been at the heart of Matt’s working career, from book publishing, civil service, and now the games industry. He enjoys the conversations, networking, and catch-ups that come with building partnerships inside and outside the company. Matt holds a BSc in Chemistry from Lancaster University, suffers from an incurable affection for Arsenal FC, and wishes he had more time to play the console classics from his youth.

Business Development Manager

Meet Marco Polo, the sales maestro with an adventurous twist. Trading spices may be outdated, but Marco spices up the sales game with his exploration spirit. He’s conquering Call of Duty matches or navigating Super Mario World when not sealing deals. Beyond the boardroom, Marco travels, crafts beer, and fine-tunes his project car—because life is a journey, whether pixels or pistons. Connecting is his forte, whether networking at events or whipping up fun for family and friends. Marco Polo: where sales savvy meets globe-trotting gusto, making every deal an expedition.

PR Account Executive

Mike has worked tirelessly highlighting innovative voices within the indie scene and championing obscure gems as a co-founder of Six One Indie. With a resume encompassing a wide variety of editorial insights and critiques, countless hours of content, and even a professional digital showcase produced from scratch, his breadth of games media experience brings a genuine sense of authenticity to Vicarious PR.

Senior PR Account Manager

Kate is passionate about games and the people that create and play them. She has over a decade of experience in the games industry — including journalism, public relations, and content creation — and has successfully launched dozens of games ranging from new indies to known IPs.

PR Account Manager

Joseph has a deep understanding of the industry thanks to his time as a games journalist, during which he published works at IGN, GameSpot, and Inverse. Aside from being a skilled writer, he’s also an expert communicator, is extremely passionate, and loves to have a good laugh. During his free time, he can usually be found petting his cat and listening to progressive metal. He thinks Meshuggah is tight.

PR Account Manager

Em Gogle is a lifelong gamer that made the move from news production to PR in 2021. In their time in the industry, Em has worked for clients from every corner of the industry, including AAA, indie, and B2B. Em loves games with deeply moving stories and unique art styles, and she brings that love to every project she works on.

PR Account Manager

Kyle has been in love with games ever since seeing his mom yell about Princess Peach being captured while playing the original Mario Bros. He has been creating games content for over five years and is a co-founder of Six One Indie where he focuses on uplifting and showcasing the beautiful and vast world of the indie game scene. When he isn’t podcasting or pulling off indie game showcases; you can find him grabbing platinum trophies on PlayStation or preaching the importance of physical media to his nieces and nephew.

PR Account Coordinator

Luke has loved video games ever since his uncle introduced him to Halo: Combat Evolved as a kid. He established himself as a positive force in the games industry with his work hosting and producing the LukeWarmGames Podcast and Crossplay Conversations. Luke brings his experience in content creation and event production to the team at Vicarious PR to help support their amazing catalog of games and the developers that make them.

Creative Marketing Manager

Where military precision meets marketing finesse, Jolene transitioned from military analysis to decoding the language of memes. With a flair for social media ad campaigns and a knack for trend analysis, she’s the power-up every project needs.

Creative Marketing Manager

Devin has taken his degree in Digital Media Production from Ball State to help elevate streamers, content creators, and businesses through media. He uses these skills at Vicarious to help boost client social media campaigns.

Web Developer


Mason has a long history with coding that goes all the way back to his middle school days. His desire to learn how things worked and solving problems meant building scientific calculators to help him finish his homework.