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Award-winning holistic PR that’s designed for success

From press releases to media tours, our PR campaigns will have you set up for success in the media and with influencers. Our experienced team can help you plan and execute a strong PR campaign for both your product and company. At Vicarious we take a holistic approach to PR, this means we don’t rely on just press releases and we don’t use template emails. We carefully research and target the right journalists and influencers for your specific project, this allows us to improve engagement and achieve more consistent results. By focusing on building our relationships with media through actual human interaction instead of robotic-sounding templates, we strive to represent our brands to the highest of standards and care.

Media Relations

Getting exposure for your game is critical to finding your audience and getting media coverage is essential in that endeavor. Whether it is news, guides, previews, reviews, or a spotlight feature, we can create a strategy that plays to your game’s strengths. Getting media attention is tough and the competition for that attention is even tougher, that’s why it pays to have a team that knows how to make a game stand out and give it the best chance possible.

Our media relations work can include:

  • Creation and distribution of press releases
  • Creation and distribution of pitches.
  • Creative story pitching workshops.
  • Preview and review key distribution campaigns.
  • Interviews and media training.
  • Media tours both online and physical.
  • Exclusive content and announcement reveals.
  • Events
  • Store page creation and optimization.
  • Press kit and asset distribution.
  • Copywriting and editing.
  • Game messaging refinement.
  • Translation, localization and distribution to EU media.
  • Metric and data focused reporting.

Earned Influencer Outreach

Twitch streamers, Youtubers, Instagram Influencers, and Tik Tok makers, we’ve got them all here. Getting influencers on your game can help drive massive traffic and sales. Our team has got you covered when it comes to helping content creators pick up your game.


Our Influencer outreach campaigns can include:

  • Targeted research and outreach making sure the influencer has the brand fit and target audience to improve quality of content and conversions.
  • Review key distribution.
  • Events
  • Physical influencer kit creation and distribution.
  • Influencer events.
  • Online Tournaments.
  • Let’s plays.
  • Reviews
  • Creative marketing content.
  • Specialized content.
  • Cosplay campaigns.
  • Contests

Corporate Communications

Building a brand for your company is a vital for your long-term success as a successful product launch is for your short term. There are countless cases of game developers who have had a successful title, but no one remembers who they are when they launch another, this is because the product was the focus instead of the company. Building a fanbase around the company and not the product should be of paramount priority for companies looking for long term success and we have extensive experience in making companies household names.


Our corporate communications campaigns can include:

  • Thought leadership content.
  • Interviews
  • Byline content.
  • Press releases.
  • Stock market newswires.
  • Media and influencer tours.
  • Marketing activations.


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