Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows

Developer & Publisher: Fair Weather Studios

Platform: PC

Genre: Strategy

Launch Date: December 11, 2018

Price: $14.99

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Game Overview

Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows is a standalone expansion for the sci-fi turn-based strategy game, Ancient Frontier: Steel Shadows gives you access to the pirate ships seen in the original Ancient Frontier. Higher a crew and lead your team of mercenaries through over 20 main storyline missions and more than 50 procedurally generated side missions. 


  • A full campaign with over 20 story missions
  • Over 50 procedurally generated side missions
  • Dynamic initiative-based turn-based combat Purchase, outfit, and control the unique pirate faction ships
  • Hire and assign crew members that gain experience and power along with your ships
  • Hire unique mercenaries and ships to add to your fleet
  • Experience over 50 random events
  • Customize your play style by unlocking technologies in an extensive Tech Tree Large, detailed maps to fight across space
  • Three different strategic resources to manage
  • Dozens of different weapon systems and abilities to control
  • Includes both free DLCs; Ancient Frontier – The Crew and Ancient Frontier – Quests and Events