Cell to Singularity

Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends

Developer & Publisher: Computer Lunch

Platform: PC (Steam), Android, iOS

Genre: Free to play, Idle, Clicker

Launch Date: November 4th-9th 

Price: Free To Play (w/IAPs)

YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nszBjB38SmE

Media Contact: Branden@VicariousPR.com

Game Overview

After finishing a diagram of all known life on Earth, it has become apparent that this planet may not be habitable forever. The Sun will eventually die – if life is to continue, we must find a world where humanity can survive.


I must expand my simulation into outer space to explore new possibilities.


Shall we enter the Beyond?


Starting with the genesis of our Sun, build the universe planet by planet. Unlock moons, comets, and other mysterious space phenomena. Approach the boundaries of the solar system and discover what the cosmos has to offer in this highly detailed simulation of our amazing galaxy.



  • View the solar system in full 3D in a highly detailed display that includes accurate star placement, celestial body orbits, and never-before-seen features of the solar system.
  • Play through a finely tuned idle game that explores our known universe in rich detail. Make constant progress as you complete tailored missions to collect stardust and unlock new parts of the solar system.
  • As you unlock the planets of the solar system, each orbit they complete around the Sun will generate Stardust, a new, powerful currency. Stardust grows exponentially, mimicking the expansive scale of the universe.
  • Collect stars and piece together the constellations of the night sky to unlock boosts for all of your celestial bodies.
  • Embark on astronomical expeditions to find Dark Matter and unlock discounts for your planets.
  • Create a map of the solar system, filling in unknowns with each node you unlock.
  • Watch as the solar system is populated with new bodies, both familiar and alien.

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