Developer & Publisher: MinMax Games & Hooded Horse

Platform: PC

Genre:  Life Sim, Survival, Building, Survival

Launch Date: 14 July 2022

Price: $19.99

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Game Overview

Clanfolk is a challenging medieval colony sim that takes you to the Scottish Highlands and pits you against nature itself. Starting with an empty plot of land and only your closest family, you will learn to survive as you establish your hearth and home, watch over your livestock, harvest your fields, and fight the bitter winter. Whether you grow your fledgling settlement into a bustling inn or a central trade hub, or you instead content yourself with building a prosperous and self-sufficient homestead or livestock ranch, everything rests in your hands – including the very lives of your clanfolk.


  • Get to know and care for your Clanfolk, across generations, from birth until their eventual death.
  • Develop strong relations with neighbouring Clans, meeting guests, workers, and traders.
  • Clear the land and build your homestead, exactly how you choose.
  • A complex hierarchy of needs system governs how your Clanfolk live their life in the community you plan for them.
  • Process resources and craft everything you need from the environment, using historically accurate methods.
  • Full world simulation including weather, seasons, warmth, freezing, and much more. ​ Each day is a little different.