Eden Rising

Eden Rising

Developer & Publisher: Nvizzio Creations, Meridian4, The Wall Productions Inc.

Platform: PC

Genre: Action, Adventure, Strategy

Launch Date: May 17th, 2019 

Price: Free / $19.99

YouTube Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeipxSr1llQ

Media Contact: michael@vicariouspr.com

Game Overview

The Explorer Edition is the free base game with 12+ hours of gameplay. Explore Warden Rock, the Valley of the Ascendants, and the Fungal Preserve. Craft your defenses and defeat monsters in 34 challenging sieges and endless mode! Play solo or up to 8 players. The Ascendant Edition is the expansion of Eden Rising for a total of 35+ hours of gameplay. The Ascendant Edition gives you (and your friends!) access to 7 areas, 67 sieges, endless mode, armor dyes, gear unlocks, and more.


Free Explorer Edition

  • Play the base game of Eden Rising in solo or multiplayer mode for free.
  • Host your own server and invite your friends.
  • Join any server with the Ascendant Edition expansion to play all the expansion content for free.
  • Keep your character and your progression as you go from server to server.

Ascendant Edition Expansion

  • Play the entire game of Eden Rising (base + expansion) and access all the content.
  • Host your own server and invite your friends to play the entire game.
  • Unlock new gear and let your Explorer Edition friends unlock gear on their characters.
  • Unlock top-tier bestiary mastery and rewards, as well as armor dyes.
  • Get a special nameplate and world list premium marker.

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