Great Houses of Calderia Gameplay Reveal

Great Houses of Calderia

Developer & Publisher: Resistance Games / Firesquid Games

Platform: PC

Genre:  Strategy, 4X, RPG

Launch Date: [TBA]

Price: [TBA]

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Game Overview

Great Houses of Calderia is a modern generational Grand Strategy Game set in the fantastic land of Calderia inspired by the Renaissance. Build your family’s legacy of power and rise in the ranks of the Great Houses of Calderia!


  • Real-time tactical resources management system gives players strategic control in both battles and social conflicts
  • Organize trade agreements and send delegations to your competing houses
  • Define the traditions of your family over generations and gain unique advantages and weaknesses 
  • Appoint your family members to key tasks in your delegations to trade, spy, negotiate and lead your armies. Organize marriages and secure your succession
  • Key characters have their own personality shaped by the events they will face impacting their willingness and ability to serve you right
  • Hundreds of unique events with important decisions to take in order to tackle a wide range of situations from diplomacy to war to the personal journey of family members
  • Assign key characters to oversee productions of a Fiefdom to specialize your economy to gain competitive advantage
  • Discover the fantastic land of Calderia and solve its legends and myths
  • Create your own unique stories with native mod support available at launch