Infinite Lagrange

Infinite Lagrange

Developer & Publisher: NetEase Games

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Genre: Space, Simulation, Strategy

Launch Date: April 21st, 2021

Price: Free

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Game Overview

Developed and published by NetEase Games, Infinite Lagrange is a space strategy game featuring stunning 3D space exploration with countless strategic possibilities. The game will be officially launched on 21 April 2021, available on iOS, Android and PC. Venturing into the unknown space, players are able to build their own fleets, explore the realistic style of space military. The game also provides various space forces and NPC missions, players can experience the immersive PVE space as well as work closely with real-time players.


  • Expand the Territory From 0 to Infinity: with full angles available, players can expand their base and power, construct in the universe and ample construction details
  • Countless Possibilities of Ships: there are various ship types available with realistic settings, players are able to enhance and modify the ships in detail, unlock technology trees
  • Stunning Graphics of the Great Universe: 360-degree space scenery, players can enjoy immersive space battle with strategic battlefield close-up
  • Massive Battles in Space: players can rally with allies to create a magnificent fleet and take down cities
  • Venture into the Unknown Space: players can send their fleet to the dark frontiers and encounter unexpected challenges and rewards
  • Interact with Interstellar Forces: players can either support or fight against existed interstellar forces, unveiling their interests and relations
  • Seasonal Strategy Goals:  exploring new galaxies with new goals and wars each season, all players in the server share the same series of strategic goals, where rewards are for everyone once completed