New Romance of the Three Kingdoms

New Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Developer & Publisher: Qookka Game

Platform: Android

Genre: Strategy

Launch Date: February 28th, 2020 

Price: Free

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Game Overview

New Romance of the Three Kingdoms is a 3D real-time multiplayer online strategy game that is based on the Koei Tecmo Games smash hit Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI. This title, licensed by Koei Tecmo Games, is built to continue the classic tradition of this Strategy Battle Game masterpiece series, utilizing strategy as its core design principle. Feel the infinite possibilities afforded by ten thousand players battling across more than 1 million map tiles. Recruit Generals, develop your cities, craft elite weapons and set up military factions, or team up with other players to pillage and plunder, expanding your collective territory as you vie for the Imperial Throne itself!


  • Recruit the generals in the background of the three kingdoms period to battle and occupy the world.
  • Develop and promote your favorite generals’ capacity, and learn about the history of the three kingdoms by participating in the plot.
  • Achieve and collect the materials to promote your faithful generals by experiencing the stories.
  • Plundering or being plundered depends on the capacity of the country and soldiers belonging to you, who is a lord and a leader.
  • Gaining the glory and rise to power by battles.
  • Find like-minded friends to organize your own army. Together attack other cities and plunder enemies’ manors in order to satisfy your ambitions and achieve your own career which is unmatched.

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