Sanctuary Saga Trailer

Sanctuary Saga

Developer & Publisher: Boomer’s Workshop, V Publishing

Platform: PC

Genre:  Turn-based RPG  / JRPG / Roguelite

Launch Date:
Full PC Launch: March 08, 2023

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Game Overview

Protect your caravan and face the brutal Untamed Wilds in roguelite turn-based RPG Sanctuary Saga. Engage in row-based combat across multiple varied biomes and keep your group together using a dynamic relationship system.


  • Play as six unique heroes with their own skills and abilities
  • Challenge enemies in dynamic turn-based battles
  • Keep your team together with the argument system, with ramifications if character relationships go wrong
  • Explore four varied biomes each with their own unique challenges
  • Face off against 18 Mini-Boss Encounters and 17 Boss Encounters throughout your journey

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