Developer & Publisher: Majic Jungle

Platform: Steam

Genre: City builder, Colony sim

Early Access Launch Date: July 26, 2022

Price: $24.99 

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Game Overview:

Evolve your hunter gatherers through thousands of years of technological advancement. Feed, protect and grow your tribe, build towns and industry, and advance through the prehistoric ages in this first person civilization builder for PC.


  • Lead and foster a group of resourceful tribespeople as they navigate a prehistoric, sparsely populated land
  • Find new resources and send your sapiens to investigate, leading to new breakthroughs which unlock new things to build and craft.
  • Instruct individual sapiens to focus on specific tasks, and watch as they learn new skills, making them more valuable to your tribe.
  • Build shelters, both to keep your sapiens happy, and to preserve food and resources. Every wall, roof, seat or fireplace can be placed individually. Every tree, log, plank or rock can be removed or placed, and the terrain can be dug, mined or filled to shape the world the way you want.
  • Send sapiens over long distances and establish camps to gather far away resources. Create transportation networks to bring those resources back to your base for processing or storage.