Settlement Survival Reveal Trailer

Settlement Survival

Developer & Publisher: Gleamer Studios

Platform: PC 

Genre:  City Builder / Strategy / Sim

Launch Date: 11 October 2021

Price: $13

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Game Overview

In this ‘Banished’ inspired city-builder, lead a group of survivors in their search for a new home. Manipulate the landscape, manage limited supplies, plant crops, hunt wildlife, gather resources, and develop trade routes to build a bustling and unique town.


  • Find Your Home. Choose where to build your settlement, sculpt its landscape and determine its layout and styling.Grow Your Population.

  • Recruit Mayors to set the tone of your settlement, build housing, control crime and ensure your baby-booms don’t negatively impact your resources.

  • Survive Disasters. Heed the early warning signs, bunker down and secure your citizens away from danger or risk losing all that you’ve established.

  • Explore Unique Maps. With each map randomly generated, right down to its resources and landmarks, every experience is unique and brings with it its own challenges.

  • Discover Rare Blueprints. Offering powerful effects, unique themes and styles, rare blueprints are an opportunity to customize your settlement even further when you’ve mastered trading.

  • Develop Currency and Trade. Whether exchanging artistic items of high value, unprocessed products or unlocking the mint to create a common currency, trade is key.

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