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Unlock your game’s full potential with Vicarious PR, a leading international award-winning video game PR and marketing agency at the forefront of holistic communications. Our mission is simple: to provide unparalleled games PR and marketing solutions for game developers and publishers worldwide. With a data-focused approach, we tailor bespoke strategies and campaigns that prioritize game discovery and making an impact.

Who We Are:

With decades of games marketing experience at Vicarious PR, our team of seasoned professionals brings a wealth of expertise to the table. As former game journalists and content creators, we understand the industry inside out and are passionate about the games we work on. Our holistic approach to marketing sets us apart as a premier video game marketing agency, ensuring that every campaign is strategically crafted with precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of our partners’ goals.

Why Choose Us?

Standing out is a real challenge in a market flooded with dozens of game releases, announcements, and daily news. Vicarious PR is here to answer the critical questions that game creators face. It’s not enough to have a good game; today, visibility is key. Choose Vicarious PR for:

  • Bespoke Strategies: Tailored campaigns that focus on game discovery and targeting the right audiences, not generic templates and spam outreach.
  • Passionate Team: A team of talented senior professionals driven by a love for gaming with decades of marketing experience and the benefits of being former journalists and content creators.
  • Transparent Approach: We value transparency, results, and customer service above all else.
  • Data-Driven Focus: We constantly monitor all our PR, influencer, and advertising activities to optimize and strategize on what is moving the needle and fluidly adjust activations and approaches where needed to ensure the target audience is being optimally reached at all times.
  • KPIs: We’ll set measurable and scalable targets that are tangible throughout the campaign. We are constantly working towards hitting our next big win!
  • Global Reach: We specialize in North America and Europe and can lead campaigns on a global scale with our select partner agencies, including LATAM and Asia. 
  • One-Stop Shop: Vicarious is a full-service video game marketing agency. We can handle all your PR, influencer, and advertising needs. We also have strong partnerships with leading specialists in various marketing fields for when there is an activation that you need help with. 
  • Innovation: Utilizing the latest PR and marketing methodologies, tech, tactics, and strategies to push boundaries.
  • Proactive Insights And Reporting: Providing industry-leading reporting and results for PR, influencer, and marketing activities.

We Have Partners, Not Clients

"Since the beginning of its collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, Vicarious has contributed to generating in-depth coverage of the studio’s portfolio in the games press, raising awareness among press and fans in the US and internationally. The team has been a solid partner for all PR needs and has helped achieve massive successes on the occasion of important milestones for Dead by Daylight, including the game’s fifth anniversary and the launch of many licensed and original chapters"
Steven Ross
PR Lead
Behaviour Interactive
"Vicarious did a fantastic job promoting the launch of our indie game Dwerve. They organized a wonderful press kit for us and did extensive outreach to their many industry contacts, encouraging world-renowned publications to cover our launch trailer and write reviews for Dwerve. They also pitched our game to relevant content creators who played the game on their YouTube and Twitch channels, getting tens of thousands of views during launch week. They're dedicated to their craft and the results are apparent."
Percy Legendre
Half Human Games
"Working with Vicarious PR was like working with a long-time member of our team. With the short amount of time we had before launch, their expertise and enthusiasm for all things marketing & PR, not only provided results that were beyond our expectations but felt reassuring that they had our best interest in mind. Their personable professionalism and availability to communicate and coordinate around the clock, made it easy to integrate into our workflow, and made the experience of launching a game a little less nerve-racking. We appreciate everything Vicarious has done for us, and look forward to continuing our relationship with the Vicarious team."
Kenny Lee
Cellar Door Games
"It was a pleasure working with the team on GHoC from business contact to the day to day team. The team was very pro-active and deliver really good materials (the press release was super cool). We can't wait to work again with the team on this project. Really efficient and responsive."
Antoine Pham-Minh
CEO and Founder
"We needed a PR agency to cover our major upcoming expansion under a tight deadline. Vicarious helped us make a successful splash with our launch! We loved the professional-looking press release they created for us. They even went above and beyond to make sure we were satisfied with the press coverage we received post-launch. Thank you, Vicarious!"
Andrew Garrahan
CEO and Founder
Computer Lunch
"We are highly satisfied with the service provided by Vicarious PR. They planned and executed a promotional campaign for ANVIL to success. We would gladly work with them again."
Sim Gyu Tae
CEO and Founder
Action Square
"It was just an absolute pleasure to work with Vicarious. Goblin Stone is the first title being released under Orc Chop Games, and we wanted to make sure it got the attention we felt it deserved. Lewis and his team worked around the clock to make sure expectations were exceeded. Even after our agreement expired, they went the extra mile to help us out when they didn't have to."
Vince McDonnell
CEO and Founder
Orc Chop Games
"Vicarious was a great partner with releasing our latest title, Touchgrind Scooter. They executed with efficiency and were quick to respond to our questions. They also came up with great ideas on how to promote our title in the best possible way."
Marcus Dawson
Illusion Labs
"I can say that Vicarious are true professionals. Basically, they do everything the same as you do, but just at a really high level. A completely different level of Steam page, a press release, communication with the press, a gameplay trailer. These are the very details you don't pay too much attention to, but which as it turns out can dramatically change the level of attention to the game. If you see that your game turns out to be of high enough quality - then you should also take on a high-quality indie-friendly PR agency - like Vicarious. P.S. Lewis Burnell is the top1 manager"
Mikhail Prokopenko
Hamsters Gaming
We worked with Vicarious on Eden Rising; Supremacy and Monopoly Tycoon. Vicarious are passionate and driven, they have the best interest of thier clients and projects at heart.  The team are very responsive and available. They will make your product their priority.
Kim Pasquin
General Manager
Nvizzio Creations

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Our Commitments:


The Work:

Partnering with Vicarious PR means placing your trust in us to do the work to the highest level. Our holistic outreach philosophy, established working relationships with press and influencers, and our focus on data-driven strategies ensure that no matter what, the work we do is executed with the highest quality.

The Results:

We are committed to delivering tangible results. Our proactive teams work to ensure that your game gets the attention it deserves in a crowded market.

The Service:

Above all, we prioritize your partner experience. We are a no-BS and an upfront group of folks. Our team goes above and beyond to exceed the expectations of each of our partners. From constant communication to advice and strategy, we’ll feel more like an internal team. Not a distant third-party vendor. We look to build long-term partnerships with you so you’ll come back again and again.  

The Insights:

We work diligently to provide top-of-the-industry reporting and results for PR and marketing activities. We aim to ensure you can accurately gauge the momentum and performance of all activities during the campaign.

Choose Vicarious PR for a partnership that goes beyond expectations. Elevate your game’s PR and marketing with our holistic, data-driven approach. Contact us today to embark on a journey to success!

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