All Hail Temos Trailers

All Hail Temos

Developer & Publisher: Geoff Howland

Platform: PC

Genre: Action RPG / Open World / RPG 

Launch Date: TBA

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Game Overview: 

A first-person fantasy action RPG in a small hand-crafted open magical world with high replayability. You are a hero, but not a Chosen One. Make your own story: exploring, talking, slashing, bashing, casting magic, dodging, sneaking, building, trading, and riding animals or flying dragons.


  • A Scrolls-like in the Making: Explore a small handcrafted world with no single main story, but dozens of deeper quests
  • Shape the World’s Outcome: The small hand-crafted open world moves forward like clockwork as the player makes choices in quests and from interacting with NPCs. Unlock one of the multiple endings and track changes through an in-game journal. 
  • Enemies Around Every Corner: Defeat enemies using a range of weapons, or persuade them with dialogue and trading.
  • An Ever Changing World: Interact with NPCs and creatures that have their own daily schedules, with dynamic weather and day/night cycles.

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