Ars Notoria

Developer & Publisher: Xron Software

Platform: PC

Genre:  Action, RPG, Open World

Launch Date: Early 2023

Price: TBD

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Game Overview

Ars Notoria is an open-world RPG with strategy and faction building elements. The story takes place in a fictional Renaissance setting where multiple factions compete between themselves in order to take control over the region’s territories. 

The player will take a role as a faction leader and will manage the strategy, tactics, and economics of the faction in order to bring his side to victory.


  • Play as an exorcist who is trained in various combat skills as well as magic arts to fight against spirit-possessed beasts, mutants, and monsters.
  • Join a Military Academy where you can learn diverse weapon proficiencies and combat-related skills including alchemy, explosives, engineering, medicine, and many others which will help you to fight effectively against your foes.
  • Explore a vast, immersive, and fully dynamic open world where you can visit any building, interact with any character, or just wreak havoc by destroying everything in your surroundings.
  • Experience new adventures with each playthrough as all caves, dungeons, city buildings, and enemy locations will be generated distinctly and with unique content.
  • Create your own exorcist guild or join an existing one and develop it by recruiting and training new members, constructing new buildings, and expanding controlled territories.
  • Organize your guild’s day-to-day life by assigning tasks to your guild members: from training combat skills and patrolling territories to harvesting resources and crafting new equipment.