Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate

Developer & Publisher: MyDearest

Platform: Meta Quest 2

Genre:  Science-fiction, Mystery, Adventure

Launch Date: Summer 2022

Price: TBD

Media Contact: rebecca@vicariouspr.com

Social Media:

Game Overview

Dyschronia: Chronos Alternate is a VR science fiction adventure game that places players in the futuristic marine city of Astrum Close. Players take on the role of Hal, an Astrum Close City Special Supervisor. By touching certain objects Hal can access the past and interface with other people’s memories.


  • Interactive Investigation – Pick up objects and move around environments as you unravel the mystery! Everything you see is a potential clue. Solve all the puzzles as you seek out the truth at the heart of the incident. 
  • Memory Diving – With his left hand, Hal the protagonist can access the memories sequestered within the objects around him. Dive into the past and uncover the truth behind the murder of Astrum Close City’s founder.
  • Judgment Action – Face the Integrated AI: the city’s supreme authority, an all-powerful protector of the happiness and well-being of the majority. Use the evidence you uncover to solve the mystery.

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