Dragon Trail

Platform: Steam/PC, mobile

Genre: MMORPG, Adventure

Launch Date: TBD 2022

Price: Free to Play

Store Page

Media Contact: rebecca@vicariouspr.com

Game Overview:

Dragon Trail is a mobile adventure MMORPG. Dragons have appeared on Star Island! Gather pets, collect friendly dragons and defeat the enemy dragons that have suddenly appeared in your home. Investigate your father’s disappearance and uncover the mysteries of this diverse world.


  • Assemble a squad of cute pets and dragons to defeat the evil dragons that threaten your world.
  • Evolve your pets and watch them grow more powerful. Utilize their new abilities in battle.
  • Complete missions from your mentor in order to level up. Train with friends to gain a profit so you can purchase upgrades and items.
  • Choose which class works best for you whether it’s a powerful warrior or a helpful healer, you can choose exactly how you want to play.

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