Developer & Publisher: Developed by Bit Nine Studio & Published by WhisperGames

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC

Genre:  Action, Comedy, RPG

Launch Date: April 1st, 2022

Price: $15.99

Media Contact: David@vicariouspr.com

Social Media:

Game Overview

tERRORbane is a comedic adventure where bugs are your FRIENDS! Enjoy exploring a crazy and outlandish world, full of unique, quirky characters and homages to the history of videogaming, challenge the Developer with your creativity and be the Bane of Errors!


  • Text-based, multiple-choice, meta-narrative adventure.
  • The Developer: fourth-wall breaking character that acts as both a narrator and an antagonist within the game.
  • Funny bugs and glitches, used as elements of gameplay.
  • Bug-list: in-game menu for the collection of all encountered bugs.
  • Narrative branches that alter the established gameplay radically.
  • Puzzles and fights that make use of player expectations against him, by overturning well-established staples of videogame history.
  • Circular gameplay that encourages multiple playthroughs to explore all possible branching paths.
  • True ending can be achieved by collecting bugs in the game.

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