Developer & Publisher: Vaki Games

Platform: PC

Genre: Action, Strategy

Launch Date: TBD 

Price: TBD

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Game Overview

Kingshunt is a 3rd person Online Multiplayer Action game, combining the genres of tower defense and hack-and-slash. Join the fight and carve a path of destruction across the battlefield in a game that mixes strategy with fast-paced hero combat.


  • Guardian Assault Game mode: Guardian Assault is an asymmetrical 5 vs 5 PvP game mode. Join the fight and choose from an expanding roster of customizable ranged and melee heroes.As a hero gains experience, they will gain power increasing Runes and course of the battle changing Utilities, creating new unique playstyles. All heroes have distinct roles that define how they affect the battlefield.
  • Asymmetric 5 vs 5 PVP: Combat is strategic and deliberate. Survival demands superior awareness, precision, and instincts. You must commit your sword only when an opportunity opens. Calculate your opponents moves to unleash devastating counterblows.
  • Discover Heroes to Suit Your Playstyle: Heroes are the essential element of Kingshunt, as the course of the game is dependent on their intervention. Play a character that best fits your style and utilizes their own unique mastery of skills and abilities.
  • Deep Rune Paths: Craft unique Runes. Sharpen your blade, and study arcane abilities that imbue your attacks with supernatural devastation.
  • A wide selection of Utilities: Unlock game-changing utilities for both sides that allow players to build and destroy their way to victory.