Lost & Hound

Lost & Hound

Developer & Publisher: Daisy Ale Soundworks

Platform: PC, Nintendo Switch & Mobile (TBA)

Genre: Adventure / Simulation / Family Friendly

Launch Date:

Steam Release: August 16, 2022

Epic Games Release: March 15, 2023

Media Contact: Liana@vicariouspr.com

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Game Overview

Solve mysteries, find the lost, help people in trouble, track down criminals and save lives in this blind-accessible canine adventure! Meet Biscuit, the one-and-only doggo detective! User her superpowered hearing and scent tracking skills to make the world a better place than how you found it!


  • Travel around the world working as the strong-willed Corgi Biscuit.
  • Solve crimes, track down missing people, and assist those in need.
  • Use your superior hearing to listen for accelerated heartbeats, hear through walls, and more to piece together clues.
  • Follow subtle scent clues with your heightened sense of smell represented by sound queues to track leads.
  • Take on the roles of real-world working dogs; assist with seizure detection, be an emotional support for zoo animals, and more.
  • Complete mini levels to earn extra money to fund your K9 travels.
  • Meet new animal friends throughout your travels.
  • Fully blind-accessible.

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