One Military Camp

Developer & Publisher: Abylight Studios

Platform: PC

Genre: City Builder, Strategy

Launch Date: TBD 2023

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Game Overview

Build your own training camp, manage the economy, recruit the best candidates to join your forces and train them to become elite specialists. Finally, send them on special missions to achieve peace once and for all!


  • A Camp Like No Other – An evil maniac has conquered all territories in the continent, except yours. The world’s last hope resides in an old camp located in this peaceful land: One Military Camp. Bring it back to its former glory, to recruit and train a brave group of fighters to push back the evil forces.

  • Build Your Camp – Face the challenge of building a training camp, keeping an eye on the resources and logistics. Decide the layout of the buildings for maximum training efficiency and hire the staff that will keep everything running. Eating and resting are very important too! So take it all into account to make it a sustainable effort without running out of time… or funds.

  • Manage Everything – Training your soldiers and maintaining your camp is expensive. Manage your economy and build an efficient infrastructure to keep the camp running like clockwork. Set the schedule of the staff and soldiers and fulfill their basic needs. Decide the resource providers and choose the supply routes. Get extra funds by liberating territories, manage camps in different biomes and adapt to the dynamic challenges of each location.

  • Train Your Recruits – As the leader of the camp, recruit the best candidates to join your forces and assign them to training courses based on their abilities so they become elite specialists. Each class has its purpose and you’ll have to find the right balance to complete missions and advance through the campaign. Push them to the limit because time is of the essence, but be careful, they can get injured and the equipment can be damaged. Be mindful of your recruits’ well-being and don’t forget to keep their morale high!

  • Strategic Map – Put all those hours of hard training to work! Choose the best soldiers to complete special missions and gain science points and resources. Mobilize your forces to stop enemy advances and recover besieged territories by gathering enough battle strength. Rescue Heroes throughout the Campaign to unlock powerful boosts and abilities.

  • Customize – Make the camp your own with customized flags, signs and anthem. Record your own voice to cheer up the recruits through the PA system.

  • End The War! – It won’t be an easy task! Face enemy attacks, sabotages, extreme weather events and many other challenges.