Developer & Publisher: 杭州泓栋实业有限公司, X.D. Network Inc.

Platform: Nintendo Switch, PC, macOS

Genre: Adventure, Casual

Launch Date: TBD 

Price: TBD

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Game Overview

Moncage is a stunning vignette puzzle adventure where the player explores a strange cube. Each face of the cube is a window into a unique world, and each shares a relationship to the other. Whether it’s peering into an old factory, a bedroom or lost island, you’ll need to connect the clues to solve the puzzle and unravel its secrets.


  • Staggered World: “Moncage” presents a multidimensional world, with lighthouses, factories, and harbors all contained in a cube. Different spaces of the cube have different effects, all combining to form a wonderful visual and therapeutic experience.
  • Across Dimensions: Each different face of the cube is related. Rotate the cube to see it from different perspectives and leverage optical illusions to discover hidden links. Piece the puzzle together, and experience miraculous visual effects.
  • Revealing Truth: Space and spaces are closely linked, and the fragmented narrative method makes the hidden details more intriguing. Players can discover the truth hidden deep within the story.