Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon

Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon

Developer & Publisher: Cotton Game, Lilith Games

Platform: iOS, Android, PC

Genre: Casual

Launch Date: November 11th, 2019

Price: $1.99 / $5.99

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Game Overview

CottonGame’s empty-headed protagonist is back for a new round of puzzle-filled fun in Mr. Pumpkin 2: Walls of Kowloon!

Brought to you by Shanghai publisher Lilith Games, this indie point-and-click adventure will take you back in time to explore the chaotic maze of human life that was Kowloon Walled City.

Cyberpunk elements add a touch of the fantastic to the world’s memorable characters and realistic scenes. Everyone has a story to tell and a mystery to unravel–are you up to the challenge?

Mr. Pumpkin 2: Kowloon Walled City is a sequel to the Mr. Pumpkin franchise. Our protagonist, an insignificant guy with a pumpkin head, will explore the Kowloon Walled City of Hong Kong, and witness the stories happening within these walls. The plot is set in the historical sites of Hong Kong, and is a tribute to the golden age of Hong Kong films.


  • Unique hand-drawn art style.
  • Beautiful and captivating soundtrack.
  • Explore the storied Walled City of Kowloon
  • Solve mysteries and puzzles of varying difficulty.
  • Break the code of the Dragon Gate to escape the city.
  • Travel using methods befitting of the era including cable cars, double-decker buses, and tramways.
  • Interact with the inhabitants of Kowloon and learn about their fight for survival.
  • Discover hidden Easter eggs paying homage to the golden age of Asia’s 90’s films.

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