Panilla Saga

Panilla Saga

Developer & Publisher: Ujoygames

Platform: Mobile; iOs and Android

Genre:  Real Idle, RPG

Launch Date: October 26, 2022

Price:  Free to Play

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Game Overview

Get ready for an epic adventure in the world of Panilla. The world was once a place filled with peace and harmony until it was snatched away from the citizens and burned in the fires of war. Panilla Saga is a real idle RPG where players can choose from nearly 100 heroes from six different factions to save Panilla from the forces of darkness.


  • Abundant Rewards: Gain resources through automatic battle even after being offline. When players are online again, they can easily access all accumulated resources through a simple tap on the screen
  • Diverse Gameplay: Players will have the freedom of choice to choose from nearly 100 heroes from six different classes such as Tank, Ranger, Warrior, Support, Mage, and Fighter. 
  • Nonstop Battle System: Play anytime and anywhere! There will be a real-time 5v5 auto-battle system available. Players will be able to collect rewards even while they are offline.
  • Time Singular Point: Get ready for roguelike-level challenging gameplay. Different levels will raise the difficulty of battles, but there will be better rewards for harder battles.
  • Tower of Time: This is a well-designed puzzle-solving exploration mode where each chapter has a unique plot for specific characters. Use this mode to unlock special hero skills.
  • Retro Art Style: Enjoy a retro style aesthetic that is portrayed in the colorful backgrounds featured in the game, character portraits, and character sprites.

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