Professor Lupo: Ocean

Developer & Publisher: BeautiFun Games

Platform: Nintendo Switch, Android, macOS, PC

Genre: Adventure, Puzzle

Launch Date October 5th, 2020:

Price: $4.99

YouTube Trailer:

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Game Overview

Professor Lupo: Ocean is a 2D grid-based exploration puzzle adventure from the famed creators of “Nihilumbra”. Trapped below the ocean, take on strange creatures, use water to solve puzzles and escape your fate, while uncovering the mysteries of who you really are.


  • Story: The stand-alone sequel to Professor Lupo and his Horrible Pets, Lupo: Ocean is a rich story-driven adventure across 40 levels, that’s filled with plot twists. Uncover the mystery of who you are, and why you’ve woken at the bottom of the ocean.
  • World: Professor Lupo: Ocean is populated by fascinating creatures and aliens that can help or hinder your progress. Learn their behaviour, utilise or avoid them to solve challenging puzzles.
  • Puzzles: Solve challenging, deadly puzzles and mini-games by using the flow and currents of water to your advantage. Discover all the hidden documents across each level to truly push your puzzle solving abilities.
  • Graphics: Hand-drawn 2D characters and creatures, beautifully realized.
  • Music: An original beautiful synth soundtrack that’s set to be released for all, for free.
  • Communication: Fully voice acted for greater immersion.

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