Project Haven

Project Haven

Developer & Publisher: Code Three Fifty One

Platform: PC, macOS, Linux

Genre: Strategy, Role Playing

Launch Date: 2022

Price: TBD

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Game Overview

You command the Steel Dragons, a mercenary outfit fighting for survival in the harsh, urban near-future that is Haven City. Select and control squads of mercs as they battle gangsters, rival mercs and corrupt government forces in a bid to make ends meet, and make a difference where you can. Manage your crew’s stats and gear, wrangle a diverse range of merc personalities, and conquer the deep tactical elements that make Project Haven a standalone turn-based combat experience.


  • Tactical Turn-Based Experience: Find your own fighting style against handcrafted enemies and environments that cater for multiple tactics.
  • Immersive Action: Aim freely at your enemies with simulated projectiles. All this from a 3rd person view.
  • Flexible Combat System: Hunker down or lean into cover. Use stealth to avoid detection. Hack locks or demolish walls to get to your enemies. All without restrictive square or hex grids.
  • Modular Damage: You can wing your enemy to reduce their accuracy, shoot them in the legs to slow their movement, or go for sweet extra damage with a headshot.
  • Story-Driven Campaign: Learn the harsh realities of a seething megacity full of desperation and dark secrets. Witness the gritty lives of mercs and NPCs, and experience a story-driven campaign with fully voiced and motion-captured characters and cinematics.
  • RPG Character Progression: Improve your mercs’ attributes and unlock new skills as they gain experience and level up.
  • Advanced Weapon Mechanics: Numerous modifications, magazine management, chambered bullets, and different types of ammo for different situations.
  • Co-Op And Skirmish Mode: Play solo or in co-op up to 4 players in a turn-based online co-op campaign mode, or skirmish in randomly generated maps.