Backpack Hero

Backpack Hero

Developer & Publisher: Jaspel

Platform: Steam

Genre: Roguelike, Inventory Management

Launch Date: TBD

Price: TBD

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Game Overview:

Backpack Hero is the unique inventory management roguelike. Venture through dungeons, collect piles of loot and keep them organized in your backpack. Each item has its own abilities and status effect that will be most effective when placed in just the right spot in your bag. With randomly generated dungeon, Backpack Hero offers endless replayability.


  • Hundreds of Items: Each item has its own effects. Depending on where these items are placed in your backpack may just change its effectiveness.
  • Multiple fun characters: Adventure through the dungeons as Purse the Packrat, Tote the Toad or CR8 the Robot.
  • 40+ Enemies to Battle: Test your mettle and organizational skills against powerful enemies small to large to everything in between.
  • Endless Dungeons to Explore: Randomly generated dungeons means that not a single playthrough will be exactly like the last.