Slay the Princess

Slay the Princess

Developer & Publisher: Black Tabby Games

Platform: Steam

Genre: Horror, Visual Novel

Launch Date: TBD

Price: TBD

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Game Overview:

Slay the Princess, a cheeky horror tragicomedy. In this fully-voiced roleplaying game, the player is tasked by a mysterious voice to kill a princess who has been imprisoned in a cabin hidden deep in the woods. If the player doesn’t fulfill their task, the voice alleges, the princess will bring about the end of the world. But can the voice be trusted? Can the Princess be trusted? Can anyone be trusted?


  • Deep Roleplaying: Question everything, or question nothing at all. Maybe you’ll listen to the Narrator and slay the Princess, or you’ll turn around, walk off into the woods, and just keep walking forever.
  • Death isn’t the end: There are no wrong answers in Slay the Princess, and even the most brutal deaths still find a way to move the story forward. Even if it takes 1,000 tries, you’ll definitely still manage to slay her… right?
  • Multiple Endings: There’s plenty of replayability spread across over a half-dozen fully-fleshed out endings, and even more variation within each route.
  • Stunning Visuals: Detailed artwork created by award-winning Abby Howard of The Last Halloween, The Crossroads at Midnight, The Earth Before Us, and many more.
  • Voice Acting:  Voice actors Jonathan Sims (The Magnus Archives) and Nichole Goodnight (The NoSleep Podcast) lend their voices to the Narrator and Princess, helping to bring the story to life.

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