Line War

Line War

Line War

Developer & Publisher: Studio Centurion

Platform: Steam

Genre: RTS

Launch Date: May 5, 2022

Price: $19.99

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Game Overview:

LINE WAR is a multiplayer Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game heavily influenced by other strategy genres such as 4X, War Games, Auto Battlers, and Real-Time Tactics.

Design and execute commands by drawing your battle plan, which is a unique approach for managing your strategy rather than individual units. It is intended to focus on strategy and planning rather than a steep learning curve and the need for ultra-fast micromanagement.


  • Endless number of asymmetric procedural worlds
  • Players select their starting territories in an innovative and fair “picking phase”
  • You draw commands that units will follow
  • Minimal micromanagement, Actions Per Minute (APM) aren’t crucial for success on the battlefield
  • No control of individual units, they all follow commands and directives
  • Traditional, recognizable, and well balanced militaristic units
  • Conquer territories, build towns, cities, industries, ports, and trade routes to earn capital
  • Produce energy with refineries and power plants for sustained mobility of tanks, air force, and navy

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