Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition

Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition

Developer & Publisher: Surefire Games

Platform: Steam

Genre: Strategy, action 

Launch Date: July 14, 2022

Price: $8.99

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Game Overview:

Why be good when you can be… bad? Cursed Treasure 2: Ultimate Edition is a classic tower-defense game, remastered and carefully re-balanced. Build towers of powerful orcs, demons, and undead, and master powerful spells, to protect your precious hoard from all manner of no-good do-gooders.


  • Three powerful and monstrous tower-types, each with their own unique skills to unlock!
  • 27 levels of maniacal mayhem across a lush fantasy world, including 3 new Ultimate Edition levels
  • 3 gems instead of 5 and updated mission rating requirements: just keep all the gems on the level to get Brilliant!
  • Replay stages in re-balanced Night Mode with limited illumination for added challenge.
  • Mana bottles auto-collection. Don’t forget to upgrade the mana limit!
  • Earn ability points to improve everything from spells to towers and more.
  • A vibrant and colorful style… just because you’re evil doesn’t mean you can’t look good.
  • Optimization and debugging for the smoother evil spreading experience. No more erased saves.

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